RK Designs is a specialist firm striving to provide its clients with the highest level of personalised service throughout the entire building journey, whether the project is a complex master plan, involving a challenging mix of spatial and financial requirements, or a simple roof replacement. With broad industry experience and a proven track record of fruitful collaboration between distinguished engineers, designers and sophisticated clients, RK Designs take a no-nonsense approach to providing hassle free, all encompassing, sustainable designs

Understanding that clients want the best and most economical project, the team at RK Designs are determined to design exclusive, sustainable buildings for all-inclusive purposes. Taking everything, from site slopes to personal preferences, into consideration to design the most efficient projects with unbeatable, all-inclusive service.

Comprehensive knowledge of Sydney’s intricate approval processes and procedures together with extensive experience with local development and construction environments, places RK Designs at the forefront of Sydney’s design industry and an ideal local associate. Voted one of Service Seeking's 10 Best Architectural Drafting Experts in Australia, with the most positive reviews, RK Designs provides services nationally.

10 Best Architectural Drafting Experts in Australia

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